Hello, I’m Brian Connelly

“I believe food is medicine and weight loss is a side effect of a good diet”.

Brian Connelly graduated in biology and physical education from Arizona State University in 1984. After working in Corporate America for 20 years he retired and founded Neos Medspa, which he successfully ran for 14 years.

Always an avid endurance athlete and certified “carboholic” he found himself unable to control his weight even while training for multiple Ironman Triathlons. While at Neos Medspa he oversaw their diet program and was still preaching and training the “calories in and calories out and exercise until you have puddles of sweat dogma” still practices by most weight loss practitioners. But soon figured out he was unable to control his own weight using that method. Using his biology background and 30 years of sports nutrition knowledge he searched for a better way. His knowledge comes from continual training, extensive research, along with the data of over 5,000 diets he has personally coach to success.

Brian’s personal view is that food is medicine and weight loss is a side effect of eating a healthy diet and a good diet should be satisfying and easy to follow. Eating healthy will not only result in weight loss but will cure and reverse many lifestyle diseases that save resulted from what is referred to as SAD or the Standard American Diet. Brian works under the supervision of Dr Briana Cain, NMD.