All LipoDissolve treatments administered by NEOSMedSpa, take place under the medical direction of Dr. Roman Chubaty. We are proud to be one of very few certified and experienced providers of this revolutionary treatment. Please see below for FDA Consumer Alert regarding this treatment.

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What It Is

LipoDissolve is an exciting alternative to the much more invasive liposuction. The treatment involves injecting a natural homeopathic ingredient through very fine needles to minimize discomfort. It is particularly well suited for women with isolated pockets of fat, that may be genetic, and do not respond well to regular diet and exercise. LipoDissolve has been available and in broad use in Europe since 2002 and over 18,000 procedures have been done worldwide. Although it is not approved by the FDA in the United States.

A Look at the Results

Results are permanent in the area treated and can become apparent at around 4-7 weeks after treatment. Dissolved fat cells will not return subsequent to the treatment. Although LipoDissolve works for everyone, your individual results will depend to a degree on how well you respond to the medications used. LipoDissolve is an effective fat loss treatment but not a weight loss or obesity treatment. You consultant will explain the treatment options.

What to Expect

Before – Our specialists will consult with you to assess your particular needs and estimate the number of treatments you should have to get the results you want. The average patient requires 1–5 treatments, with the goal of losing at least 1 inch of fat per treatment. Treatments are scheduled 8 weeks apart for the same area and 5 weeks apart for the different areas.

During – LipoDissolve is done with very small needles and involves little to no discomfort.

After – You may experience some bruising and soreness, which will peak at about 48 hours after treatment and dissipate by day 10–14. LipoDissolve is considered a no-downtime procedure so you will be able to go about your business without difficulty.

Visit our LipoDissolve FAQ page for more information.

Consumer Alert

The products used to perform LipoDissolve procedures are not approved by FDA for fat removal. Neos Medspa would like clients to be aware that the FDA is currently issuing warnings to consumers about LipoDissolve stating that:

  • it has not evaluated or approved products for use in LipoDissolve
  • it is not aware of evidence supporting the effectiveness of the substances used in LipoDissolve for fat elimination
  • the safety of these substances, when used alone or in combination, is unknown
  • it is not aware of clinical studies to support medical uses of LipoDissolve

In addition, FDA is reporting unlikely but possible side effects in people who’ve undergone the LipoDissolve procedure. These side effects include:

  • permanent scarring
  • skin deformation
  • deep, painful knots under the skin in areas where the LipoDissolve treatments were injected