What is our HCG Diet Plan?

While I practiced this method for years and it produced results I have made modifications to the original protocol and produced even better results .  This was the result of years of coaching, data, and self experimentation.  My propritary protocol produces better results, allows for more food consumption you feel better and most importantly prepares you to never gain the weight back agin.

My personal approach is that weight loss is a side effect of HCG and healthy eating. Once started on the journey you will feel better, loose weight, have more energy and not be hungry.

My NEW HCG Diet plan is based on what we now know about the science of nutrition, fitness, and modern behavior patterns.  It also includes the use of modern technology, further simplifying the weight loss process.

Today, a 500 calorie diet is no longer applicable to the diet; For example, we now know that the 500 calorie diet actually increases the risk of side effects including hunger, and the body actually responds more positively to a tailored calorie protocol.  In other words, the 500 calorie diet makes the HCG Diet more difficult than it needs to be. In addition, it has been proven that different people have even better results when their calorie consumption is based the metabolic process while on the HCG Diet.  This will all be explained in your initial consultation.

The good news is, the NEW HCG Diet Plan includes an easily customized protocol, that is designed to help you reach your weight loss as effortless and fun as possible. Put away the calculator. No more calories counting.

Benefits of an HCG Diet Plan





What to Expect

I will review your health goals and any medical conditions you might have. I will ask you about what you eat and assess your diet in relation to your goals and your health. Education and information is provided on how diet is related to the prevention and/or treatment of disease. Sometimes a person already has a good idea of what changes are needed, but may require help making the changes. We will work together to identify areas where change is needed, prioritize changes, and problem‐solve as to how to make the changes. Making dietary change is a gradual process. An individual may start with one or two easier dietary changes the first few weeks and gradually make additional or more difficult changes over several weeks or months.

  • Thorough explanation of the metabolic process.
  • Compressive body composition and health screening.
  • Complete conversation on your current diet and whats is right or wrong with it and suggestions.
  • An initial weightless plan that will deliver results!

During the Process

Patients return to the office weekly to monitor their progress, and to receive unending advice, instruction, encouragement and support! We will check your weight and BMI, body fat and hydration level during these weekly visits, administer your energy and fat burning injection. This weekly consultation HCG Fit Medical Weight Loss programs apart from the rest – all your questions will be answered, and we deliver the accountability, encouragement, and advice that you need to achieve your weight loss goal! We want to provide a lifetime solution.

  • Weight and BMI Calculation
  • Health Review
  • Vitamin B12 Injection with Lipotropics (MIC – Fat Burners)
  • Advice, Suggestions, Encouragement, and Support

“I could not be more happy. After 30 days working with Brian I have lost 25 pounds and continue to lose weight and feel better than I have in years.”

“I have not had a migraine headache since I started and have lost 15 pounds in the process!”

“I have lost 30 pounds and have no more brain fog and more energy than I can remember having, thank you Brian!”

“I certainly had my doubts but after 2 weeks I am sold, over 22 pounds and counting and I’m not hungry.”

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